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Our Technology

Cygnet and Neuroamp by BeeMedic

Cygnet offers the most up-to-date and innovative version of neurofeedback.   The Cygnet designers are constantly working to update our system and create feedback that reflects the ever changing information science is learning about the brain. Using our system we can address both specific areas of functioning, as well as overall, whole brain functioning.

Our innovative system includes three components.

1. InfraLow Neurofeedback

Moving beyond the earlier neurofeedback systems, InfraLow focuses the feedback from your EEG on the most fundamental waves in the brain.  When the brain makes changes in these very slow waves, the functioning of the entire brain is improved.  Most people report a more powerful effect with InfraLow than with older types of neurofeedback.  InfraLow neurofeedback is highly specific and individual, requiring the knowledge and expertise of an experience clinician.  For more information on InfraLow Neurofeedback, see Restoring the Brain by Hanno Kirk, Ph.D.

2.  Synchrony Training

This feedback experience improves the synchronous activity in the brain.   People who are highly experienced mediators have been found to have more of this activity.  People report feeling calmer and more joyous with Synchrony, as well as more productive, attentive and focused.  Synchronous activity also decreases as we age so encouraging this kind of activity in the brain can also help slow the aging process.  For more information on the benefits of increasing synchronous activity see The Open-Focus Brain by Les Fehmi, Ph.D. and Jim Robbins.

3. Alpha Theta Training

We all experience the Alpha Theta state naturally just before we go to sleep.  This is a highly relaxed state.  Using the Alpha Theta software, the brain is able to stay in a state of deep relaxation for an extended period of time.  While in this deep state, the brain is able to process emotional events without the same level of emotional intensity associated with the awake state.  For individuals with a history of trauma, Alpha Theta has been found to be highly effective in resolving the emotions associated with the trauma.  For more information about Trauma and neurofeedback, see The Body Keeps the Score, by Bessel van der Kolk, M.D.

You and I will decide together if one or a combination of these components are right for you.