About Dr. Ridge | Active Minds Neurofeedback
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About Dr. Ridge

Want to reduce stress, reduce anxiety and achieve your peak brain performance naturally without medicine or surgery? Check out Active Minds Neurofeedback by Dr. Shari Ridge in Willougby, OH.

About Me

My training to become a neurofeedback provider began for professional reasons, to help my clients who were struggling with trauma. However, it soon became personal. After my third neurofeedback session during the training, the essential tremor in my hands and head that was becoming increasingly worse was gone. I was also able to give neurofeedback to my mother who was struggling with end stage dementia. On the days of her neurofeedback sessions she was able to move from being mute to carrying on a conversation. Neurofeedback is now a part of my anti-aging routine, along with exercise, socialization and a healthy diet.



I have been in a private psychotherapy practice since 1991, specializing in anxiety, mood disorders, trauma, and ADHD. I have also studied the connection between relaxation states and the reduction of hypertension and reactions to cancer chemotherapy. Neurofeedback is presently a large part of my practice. For me, the Othmer method fits within my own philosophy of therapy. It involves a respectful collaboration between the therapist and client, it relies on the wisdom of each person’s body and mind to heal itself and operates on the notion that when the brain is relaxed it performs at its best.



My license to practice clinical psychology has been active since 1991. My psychology training included an internship at the Cleveland Veterans Administration Center, post-doctoral training at the Children’s Department of Lake County Mental Health Center and completion of the individual, group and family tracts of the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland. I have completed extensive training in Neurofeedback at the EEG Institute in Woodland Hills, California, using the Othmer method.


Ph.D. Clinical Psychology – Kent State University, Kent, Ohio
M.A. Clinical Psychology – Kent State University, Kent, Ohio
B.A. Psychology – Occidental College, Los Angeles, California